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Parking Guidance Systems Reveals Daytona as its Inaugural Race with Josh Williams

Williams to Pilot the Parking Guidance Systems Chevrolet at Daytona and Las Vegas

LAKE WALES, Fla., (August 3, 2023) – DGM Racing is excited to announce Parking Guidance Systems, LLC (PGS)’s debut on Josh Williams’ No. 92 in the upcoming NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Daytona International Speedway. After Williams’ legendary move parking his Coolray Chevrolet on the front stretch of Atlanta Motor Speedway earlier this year, PGS and DGM Racing joined forces to promote the company’s technology-driven parking management solutions.

Williams and PGS are launching a new t-shirt to celebrate their first race together. Leading up to the race, fans can purchase the limited-edition PGS t-shirt here:

“As a sponsor, we are really looking forward to this race and proud to be part of Josh’s quest for the perfect parking spot in the winner’s circle driving the #92 PGS-themed car,” said Derek Frantz, Vice President, PGS.

Using Indect’s technology, PGS prides itself on installing parking space sensors and signage throughout garages, to create efficient parking. As part of a muti-race partnership with DGM Racing, PGS and Indect will adorn Williams’ Camaro at Daytona International Speedway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway later this fall. Williams’ primary partner, Alloy Employer Services, will also be featured on the lower quarters and back bumper of the Daytona car.

“What a perfect fit, right? I am super excited to debut this partnership with PGS and what better place than at DGM Racing’s home track,” said Josh Williams, driver of DGM Racing’s No. 92. “With many of our fans and supporters in attendance, I am really looking forward to representing the PGS brand and bringing them into the DGM family with a solid run in the 92 machine. Thank you, PGS, for coming on board, and welcome to the team!”

DGM Racing teammate and long-time friend, Alex Labbé, will join Williams as they make an appearance at the parking industry’s premier convention trade show in New Orleans, LA. The annual National Parking Association convention takes place September 18-21, and will include several NASCAR-themed attractions to support this year’s convention show theme: Mobility in Motion.

In addition to a NASCAR simulator and remote control car challenges, Williams and Labbé will participate in several event activities while onsite. Attendees can visit PGS and Indect at Booth #121, where they will be able to see the PGS Chevrolet Camaro and receive t-shirts, giveaways and driver autographs. Williams will be at the PGS booth for meet and greet and photo opportunities on September 20.

About DGM Racing

Driven by pure passion and love for everything racing, DGM Racing is a family-owned and operated business headquartered in Lake Wales, FL. Since 1990, Mario Gosselin and his wife, Michelle, have worked tirelessly to elevate DGM Racing and grow the organization each year. What started as a local hobby on the weekends in Hialeah, Florida, has grown into a powerhouse organization fielding four NASCAR Xfinity Series cars. Going into the 2023 season, the team has more than 179 Top-20 race finishes and five Top-20 finishes in driver standings between 2020-2022.

For additional information, news and the latest updates, connect with DGM Racing at, Facebook (DGM Racing), Twitter (@dgm_racing_), Instagram (@dgm_racing_), or TikTok (@DGMRacingFL).

About Parking Guidance Systems, LLC

PGS, a certified women’s business enterprise, specializes in providing tailored guidance solutions for a range of parking needs. With more than 30 years of combined experience in the parking industry, PGS works directly with its clients to increase utilization, improve safety, maximize efficiency, optimize occupancy and boost revenue. To learn more about PGS please visit



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